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Hello there! In case you haven’t gathered by the name, DAWN of THE ICE AGE is run by Dawn. Dawn is a mum with a busy family schedule, and she found that she needed help with her “mummy tummy”, along with a few other areas of what she called her “lumps and bumps”. She was frustrated, as no matter how much exercise she tried, or how much she changed her diet, she just couldn’t shift the fat bulge. That was, however, until she discovered cryolipolysis.

Dawn went through the treatment and was so impressed by the results. It toned and firmed up her skin and reduced the cellulite appearance quicker than anything she’d ever known, resulting in her immediately dropping inches off her body. She was so amazed by the treatment that she decided to receive training on it and soon became qualified to treat others and help them achieve their body shape goal.

Dawn has always had a passion for trying to keep herself young and healthy and keep her body and mind in shape. In her youth, she trained as a fitness instructor and dietician, gaining extensive knowledge of the body’s anatomy, physiology, wellbeing, and generally what makes our bodies tick. Dawn has since gained further experience and qualified in various deep-tissue massage techniques as well as non-surgical facelifts using ultrasonic radio frequency and cavitation melt procedures. The non-surgical facelifts are another must if you want to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles naturally and without pain.

So, if like Dawn you want some help to keep in shape and look your best, follow her on a revolutionary discovery of a pioneering treatment known as cryolipolysis. This permanent fat freezing procedure was developed and studied by Harvard scientists to target stubborn fat bulges that are just immune to diet and exercise alone.

At last, without going into too much of the science behind it, this is a pain-free, non-invasive, non-surgical fat removal procedure that leaves you with no scars and involves no needles or anaesthesia. The treatment is carried out in just one hour with no down time, which is why it is being dubbed the ‘lunchtime lipo,” seen ON TV and used by the celebrities and stars.. As soon as the treatment is completed, you can get up, leave, and carry on your day as normal.

The areas this targets specifically are:

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About Dawn

Remove stubborn bulges of fat and get the body shape you’ve always dreamed of by paying a visit to DAWN of THE ICE AGE. The owner of the company, Dawn, is a qualified and experienced cryolipolysis expert based in Plymouth, Devon. She offers a variety of body sculpting treatments, specialising in a non-surgical fat freezing procedure. With many years of experience, vast knowledge, and extensive understanding of how the body works, Dawn is well-placed to provide the perfect treatment for you. Each customer receives a free, personal consultation to ensure their needs are understood and that the treatment is safe to perform. The whole process is private, personal, and confidential, so get in touch with Dawn today and arrange your free consultation.